What are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for Businesses?

What are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for Businesses?


What are progressive web apps and what are the benefits


PWA is one of the best technological innovations in the IT industry. It provides multiple benefits to users.

It has tremendously increased the reach of apps. Progressive Web Apps are already being used by some big companies like Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Alibaba, Pinterest, Twitter, Forbes, Lancome, and many more.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

A Progressive Web App is a web application that is built with the help of web technologies. It is considered a hybrid of websites and mobile applications.

The icon of PWA is similar to that of native apps.

PWAs work on increasing user engagement and enhancing user experience. You can reach out to progressive web app development companies to build a PWA for your firm.

Features of Progressive Web Apps

  • Easy to install
  • Auto-update
  • Eats up less space
  • Can work in remote areas with slow connectivity
  • Less page load time

What Are The Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps For Business?

  • 68% increase in mobile traffic
  • 15-fold improvement of load and installation speed.
  • 25-times reduced usage of device storage
  • 52% average conversion increase
  • 78% average session increase
  • 137% engagement rate increase
  • 42.86% lower bounce rate as compared to that of mobile websites
  • 133.67% increase in page views

Let us go through the advantages of Progressive Web Apps for businesses in detail:

  1. Low Development Costs
  2. Gives An App-Like Feel
  3. Better Mobile Experience
  4. Offline Strategy
  5. Quick Installation
  6. Improves Performance
  7. Push Notifications

1. Low Development Costs

Progressive Web Apps make development, deployment, and advertising cheaper. Progressive web apps development helps a business to avail of all the features that are similar to that of native applications, at a cheaper cost.

The cost of developing a PWA is three to four times less than developing a native application. A single PWA can be operated on most devices.

You need not develop different versions of a PWA for different devices.

2. Gives An App-Like Feel

If you want a PWA to be present on your home screen, it can be. This is another best feature of the Progressive Web Apps.

A PWA does not work solely as a website, it works like a website as well as application.

In the present scenario, applications are more preferred by users than a website. From a business perspective, applications represent the brand of your business.

PWAs focus on providing a rich user experience by integrating mobile-like features with the best of websites. PWA development is high in trend due to its great features.

3. Better Mobile Experience

Progressive Web Apps provide the best possible mobile experience to users. Users can connect to the application even from the remotest of places having slow connectivity.

For example, Twitter felt the need to make its application more scalable. This is possible only if the application is able to reach every nook and corner.

Twitter used Twitter Lite, a PWA, to achieve this aim. This led to a 75% increase in the tweets sent as well as a 65% increase in page-per-session.

It is more responsive at a better speed.

4. Offline Strategy

Sometimes users lose their connectivity. In such cases, a PWA is an ultimate solution.

PWA stores cached data that helps in the offline viewing of a page. Users can then access the information offline.

This makes a PWA much better than usual websites which demand a good connection for access. This feature is highly beneficial for business as it helps in improving customer retention.

If you want to build a PWA for your business, you can reach out to a web development company.

5. Quick Installation

Your customers do not need to wait for an application to download and install if you use a PWA. In a PWA, just a few clicks are enough to add the application to the home screen.

The icon is similar to that of the native application. Not only the installation, but the updation is also not an issue in a PWA.

Since a PWA is a website, it automatically updates. In the case of native apps, it sometimes takes a lot of time to update, which may annoy your customer.

PWA development is in trend in the current era.

6. Improves Performance

Progressive Web Apps, as we have mentioned earlier, provide all features that are similar to that of applications. Here, the best part is making features more engaging and hence enrich the user experience.

A PWA quickly loads a page, consumes less space, and can be used offline. Improvement in the running speed keeps your user satisfied.

According to a survey, you lose your potential customer if your website takes more than ten seconds to open and more than 3 to 4 seconds to load a page. A positive user experience increases the chance of getting more customers.

7. Push Notifications

PWA allows you to send push notifications to users like a native application. Push notifications help a company to strengthen its content advertising.

It is one of the best ways to promote the company’s products.

PWAs have access to all necessary details of users which can be used by the company to provide them with better customer experience. Data says that 60% of users enable Progressive Web Applications to send notifications.

Push notifications not only increase the chance of sale but also improve brand recognition.

Some examples to boost your thought:

  • Flipkart, one of India’s largest eCommerce sites, uses Facebook Lite, a PWA. This remarkably uplifted their business by increasing the re-engagement rate to 40% and the conversion rate to 70%. It has been observed that users spend 3x more time now.
  • MakeMyTrip witnessed a remarkable 160% increase in a user session, and the page load time increased by 38%, which led to a 3-times increase in the conversion rate.
  • OLX saw a huge 250% increase in the re-engagement of its users along with many more benefits.

The Takeaway

Progressive Web Apps are gaining a lot of attention due to their multiple useful features. A business should use a PWA to retain its customers as well as attract potential customers with advanced user experience.

Here, we have listed a few significant benefits of a PWA for businesses. A PWA app development company can help you to build a dynamic application for your firm.

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