Vox provides Coopers ES with pest-free connections

Vox provides Coopers ES with pest-free connections


Coopers Environmental Science (Coopers ES) is a pest control company that offers a range of products for the professional pest control industry, the grain storage industry, and is a reseller of pesticides for the home owner.

The company’s approach in designing products is to think of the environment first, which means all of its technologies are innovative and fresh introductions to the market; but most importantly their products are ahead of the game, create healthier environments and ensure food security.


Pest control is essential to the protection of the environment as well as public health. According to an article published by Times Live, the Chinese Pest Control Association believes that a rapidly warming planet‚ increasing pace of urbanisation, and booming trade and tourism have led to an increase in disease-carrying organisms. This supports the point that effective pest control is needed to improve the quality of life for people in Southern Africa and the world over.


Tienie Jordaan, financial director of Coopers ES, said the company needed to upgrade and streamline the systems in order to give their client base better service. Priorities were creating an integrated system, improving service levels and reducing costs, connecting all business units on an online live platform, ensuring system high availability, and IT security to safeguard against cyberattacks and cyber insecurities.

Business solution

The wide-area network deployment with dual last-mile connectivity, in conjunction with integrated voice services, managed firewall and backups, have helped Coopers ES to achieve its cost savings and upgraded ICT requirements. “We have also been able to streamline business practices,” Jordaan said.

Experience with Vox

“Vox has impressive service levels — the quality of network performance and after-sales backup — from the project management to the relationship with your project manager,” said Jordaan. “We have a one-on-one relationship with Vox, and the relationship manager is efficient — on a monthly basis he contacts us to monitor feedback and reports on our improvements.” This personalised account management made a difference in ensuring that things ran smoothly and that any challenges were dealt with efficiently.

For more information about Vox, please visit the company’s website.

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