VIIcode was invited to the CIIE – To restart the “active oxygen”...

VIIcode was invited to the CIIE – To restart the “active oxygen” journey



VIIcode, a prestigious pioneer luxury skin care brand as well as being the first advocate of making the concept of “oxygenating” skin a part of skin care.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2020 / — Once again the world-leading brand of “active oxygen” series eye care products, VIIcode is a subsidiary of the top New York luxury skincare brand, VIIcode This prestigious pioneer luxury skincare brand was the first to ground eye care as a type of skincare, as well as being the first advocate of making the concept of “oxygenating” skin a part of skin care.

As we all know, the China International Import Expo is the world’s premier national-level expo on the theme of imports, held for the first time in 2018 in the leading city of economic development, Shanghai, and going off without a hitch each time. Because of the incomparable publicity and its international influence, this is an expo that many brands around the world are vying to get into. Not only do the participating brands themselves benefit, but their various countries also get a chance to shine on a platform where the entire world shows off their unique and wonderful products.

With its super focused brand concept and a spirit dedicated to scientific research, VIIcode was fortunate to be invited to participate in the 2nd China International Import Expo in 2019. The VIIcode brand received special permission for an eye oxygen care spa experience hall at the 2nd CIIE, a place where consumers could truly feel the glamor of “active oxygen skincare,” earning acclaim from a wide range of consumers..

Following the perfect curtain call of the 2nd CIIE, the 3rd CIIE will reopen in November 2020; according to news reports, the 3rd CIIE has no booth vacancies, and with the contracted area of the business exhibition area already exceeding 90% of the specified range, the vast wave of CIIE brands can be seen in the way they are clamoring for space.

VIIcode was once again honored by the invitation to bring its nighttime oxygen eye mask, VIIcode dark circle lightening oxygen eye mask, and T2 series oxygen eye cream to the 3rd China International Import Expo. This series of active oxygen products will restart your exclusive “active oxygen” journey!

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