Token Game Tavern, Bit Burger owners’ new spot

Token Game Tavern, Bit Burger owners’ new spot


COVID-19 has dramatically changed the nightlife experiences of Knoxville residents, who have grown accustomed to having their own personal space inside bars and restaurants. 

But a bar coming to West Knoxville plans to provide a different kind of space: the extraterrestrial kind. 

The just-announced Space Bar is coming soon, and we still have questions: Will the space theme impact the gravity of beer? Will the decorations be just OK, or will they be stellar

In all seriousness, there are some things we know and a few things we don’t. The owners are staying mum on details for now, but here’s what Knox News knows so far. 

What we know 

Who is behind it? 

Courtney and Chris Barry, the couple behind Token Game Tavern and Bit Burger, are opening the space-themed bar.

A Facebook logo for Space Bar, scheduled to open in Cedar Bluff later this year. Chris and Courtney Barry, the owners of Token Game Tavern and Bit Burger, are behind this new business, which will be located in the same shopping center as their other establishments.

Token opened in Cedar Bluff in 2017, and Bit Burger opened in the same shopping center last year. 

Where is it located?

Space Bar also will be located in the shopping center at 179 N. Seven Oaks Drive near the AMC movie theater in Cedar Bluff. Sergeant Pepperoni’s Pizza used to occupy this space between Bit Burger and Token.  

When did construction start?

A public Facebook post from Chris Barry said construction was scheduled to begin April 1. 

“Many long days and weeks are ahead but I know the final result will be worth it and we hope Knoxville will enjoy and love this new concept as much as Token and Bit Burger,” the post read. “So here we are, just days away from starting our next journey… a journey into Space!”

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