Tesla considers all-in-one home, battery and electric car energy package

Tesla considers all-in-one home, battery and electric car energy package


The Driven

Electric car and solar energy company Tesla is considering providing an all-in-one home and car energy package, that would include controlled EV charging times if it goes ahead in Germany.

As more cars become powered by electric drive-trains, the lines between the energy and automotive industry will become increasingly blurred.

Already, energy companies, such as AGL, Origin  and Powershop in Australia, are looking to offer cheaper tariffs for EV drivers and consider ways to encourage drivers to charge their EVs to help soak up excess electricity demand.

Now, we are beginning to see similar moves from the other side of the market: auto makers looking to slide sideways into the energy market (not to mention oil companies such as Shell doing something similar).

In a survey sent to potential German customers, Tesla sought to gauge interest on whether electric car drivers would like Tesla to schedule car charging times as part of the package to take advantage of cheaper tariffs.

The survey also asked respondents if they would be interested in purchasing a Tesla Wall Connector EV charge unit, a Tesla Powerwall, Tesla solar panels, as well as what would persuade them to switch to another energy company.

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