Telstra T22 ‘scorecard’ sees $1B invested in new tech stack

Telstra T22 ‘scorecard’ sees $1B invested in new tech stack


Telstra has gone live with its new fleet of enterprise products, having spent more than $1 billion on upgrading its entire technology stack.

In the telco’s recently released financial results, CEO Andy Penn said building out the new stack was “well progressed” and will accelerate in the coming financial year.

The telco first announced its plans to replace its legacy business IT stacks, which span across its CRM, provisioning, billing and e-commerce systems, back in 2016. 

Coming as part of its T22 digitisation strategy it has rolled out ServiceNow and replaced its Siebel CRM system with Salesforce.

The telco also said its consumer and small business agent facing components and mobile products are live with “significant improvements” to order and processing times. 

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