Stony Plain and Spruce Grove begin conversations on trail connection

Stony Plain and Spruce Grove begin conversations on trail connection


The road between Stony Plain and Spruce Grove. During the Town council meeting Monday officials in Stony Plain passed a motion which will seek to collaborate with those in Spruce Grove on finally making a pedestrian trail between the two communities.

Evan J. Pretzer

It is most common to go the distance between Stony Plain and Spruce Grove which is not far by car but a new option may be coming to life.

Councillors in Stony Plain were presented with a motion during their meeting Monday which advised the Town to begin discussions with Spruce Grove on developing a new pedestrian trail for those looking to go back and forth between the two communities without using a vehicle. This has been discussed along with some effort on portions of a system in prior years but nothing has moved forward since to the frustration of some area residents when incidents like the Oct. 7 morning death of a pedestrian on Highway 16A end up happening.

“This is so sad! We really need a path off of 16AA! Too many people walking down there,” Spruce Grove resident Shay Layne wrote in response to a report on the recent incident. “I know I would not be walking down there [early in morning or even anytime] ever!”

During the meeting Monday Mayor William Choy also noted the idea had been on the books since 1995 and funds had been earmarked prior for construction. Those were transferred back to the Town a few years ago out of concern about whether a safe way to travel could be built and Choy added it would be important to get this done as not everyone living in the Tri-Region may have a reliable personal vehicle.

“Improving accessibility between our communities has been a priority for quite some time,” he said. “[This project] would make the commute not only a lot easier but also safer for those relying on alternative means. This is a legacy project and I look forward to the coming report.”

Data on the proposal which would complement the regional bus service Stony Plain has signed on to is expected by the end of February.

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