Social media influencer Aliya Hamidi Is loved by millions for her acting...

Social media influencer Aliya Hamidi Is loved by millions for her acting & fashion videos


Aliya Hamidi

Aliya Hamidi

A lot of people have millions of followers on social media, but only the best ones stand out. Aliya Hamidi is a perfect example of an amazing social media Influencer. She is also an actress, so along with her day-to-day activities, fans enjoy her acting videos too.

The gorgeous Influencer also shares interesting make-up and fashion videos. They are one of the best things her followers love to watch on her social media pages. About such great admiration from people, Aliya Hamidi said, “When I started, I didn’t know my work would receive such an immense response. But it has happened. I am happy and proud of myself. I’m glad that my content makes people happy and I hope to keep making them smile more and more always.”

Aliya Hamidi’s list of achievements isn’t limited to just social media. She has also done a music video with international cricketer/singer Dwayne Bravo. Along with that, she featured in 5 Punjabi music videos. Soon, she plans to start her YouTube channel where she will Vlog everything about her life. That will help to connect with her fans more. She wishes to create a major impact in the internet world and influence more and more people to love themselves the same way.

Talking about her acting skills, she has big dreams of working in Bollywood movies. Thanks to her good looks and acting chops, she managed to grab the attention of the Hindi film industry along with several major brands. Aliya Hamidi wishes to do more music videos and has a dream of traveling almost everything. She is a wanderer and doesn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to explore any beautiful place.

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