Slog AM: Jobs Report Looking Bad, Restaurants “Sticking It to the Man”...

Slog AM: Jobs Report Looking Bad, Restaurants “Sticking It to the Man” by Allowing Indoor Dining, Free Egyptian Model Salma El-Shimy – Slog


Sleep Joe hit that Trump with over 7 million votes...

Sleepy Joe hit that Trump with over seven million votes… Massimo Giachetti/

Jobs Report: Not looking good, mate. Experts estimated a gain of around 460,000 jobs. It turned out to be just 245,000, which is “the weakest [growth] since the recovery from the pandemic-driven recession began in May.” The reason the job market is crashing again? Because nothing meaningful has been down about COVID-19. Expect a negative jobs report for December, the month that will certainly experience a new surge in cases because millions of Americans stubbornly visited millions of Americans for the day that’s hard on turkeys.


Can Someone Tell Me What the Fuck I’m Looking At? Or what planet this is happening on? Some days, I think I know America, but when I look at an image like this my mind draws a blank. How can God bless this American nothingness? I thought He, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

Biden’s Lead in the Popular Vote Grows to a Record-Breaking Seven Million Votes: At this point Biden has 81,264,673 and Trump 74,210,838. Lord, I know it hurts. Going around thinking you are a big shot, then discovering you are not. Lord it hurts. Jah-jah it hurts.

It Hurts Dub for Trump:

Before the Vaccine Can Work Its Magic: The Seattle-based Gates-funded Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projects over 530,000 COVID deaths by April Fool’s Day. But it looks like Joe Biden is going with the science, and he even has a catchy program that might work: Wear masks for his first 100 days in office.

You Know This Mask Business Is Old Hat? We are not the first, and we will not be the last.

I’m An Atheist: But I believe in my pastor Talbert Swan. He is for real. He says:

Restaurants South of Olympia Proudly Violating Jay Inslee’s Ban on Indoor Dining: Rod Samuelson, the owner of one of these business, Spiffy’s, described his decision to help spread the deadly virus as “a protest.” He wants to send a message to those at the top. They know nothing about the needs of the ordinary man. He has a right to make a living. And so on and so forth. As expected, area Trumpists have made it their business to visit and pack Spiffy’s with their freedom bodies and flags. King 5 News reports that “the state’s Department of Labor and Industries said the agency is aware of restaurants violating the governor’s latest COVID-19 restrictions.”

The Owner of Graham Fitness: Refuses to close his indoor gym in Pierce County because “there’s nowhere in the Constitution that it says that our rights can be taken from us if there’s a pandemic that’s killing less than 1% of our population,” reports King 5. What many Americans need to be taught is the parable of the Sinister Grain of Rice on a Chess Board. It will explain to them the monster that lies hidden in this seemingly harmless “1%”.

This how the parable begins:

There was once a king in India who was a big chess enthusiast and had the habit of challenging wise visitors to a game of chess. One day a traveling sage was challenged by the king. The sage having played this game all his life all the time with people all over the world gladly accepted the King’s challenge. To motivate his opponent the king offered any reward that the sage could name. The sage modestly asked just for a few grains of rice in the following manner: the king was to put a single grain of rice on the first chess square and double it on every consequent one. The king accepted the sage’s request.

Having lost the game and being a man of his word the king ordered a bag of rice to be brought to the chess board. Then he started placing rice grains according to the arrangement: 1 grain on the first square, 2 on the second, 4 on the third, 8 on the fourth and so on.

The king lost the game and granted the sage his wish. But on “the sixty-fourth square, the king would have had to [give the sage] more than 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 grains of rice which is equal to about 210 billion tons.” Do you get the picture now?

Once Just One Percent of the Hospital Beds in the State Had COVID-19 Patients: What is it now? The Seattle Times reports that the “state counted 1,097 COVID-19 patients receiving acute care, as of Dec. 2, meaning that more than 11% of the state’s staffed hospital beds are filled by those patients.” Increasing the stress on these hospitals also increases the number of people who leave them as corpses.

Are You Ready For This One? No you are not. But here it goes. During an interview on The Alex Jones Show that Batman-villain-looking crook and Trump ally Roger Stone claimed that boats from North Korea delivered fake ballots through Maine. These phony votes cost Trump the election.


I just learned of absolute incontrovertible evidence of North Korean boats delivering ballots through a harbor in Maine, the state of Maine… If this checks out, if law enforcement looked into that and it turned out to be true, it would be proof of foreign involvement in the election.

Free the Egyptian model Salma El-Shimy! Actually, she is now out on bail. But the authorities arrested the Instagram influencer earlier this week for posting a racy photo of her surrounded by the pyramids of Giza. (She and her photographer, Hossam Mohamed, did not have a photography permit to shoot at the ancient location.) In the now-viral pics, Salma is “dressed up in an Ancient Egyptian-themed get-up involving a moderately short, form-fitting white dress embellished with pharaonic accessories.” It’s all just too wonderful. And the mummies certainly didn’t mind it one bit. Better than getting the stuff in your tomb raided. And besides, it’s been a touch dull these days with tourism down and all. Yes, she looked a little silly. No one dressed like that in the old times of the mummies. Her hair is wrong. And what’s up with that belt thing? But the dead have no right to be too fussy.

That pyramid behind Salma El-Shimy? I know exactly what it’s thinking. It’s singing to its architectural self self: “She’s a brick house.”


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