Saleem Mandviwalla lashes out at NAB, says the watchdog is violating human...

Saleem Mandviwalla lashes out at NAB, says the watchdog is violating human rights


Deputy Chairman of Senate Saleem Mandviwalla. Photo: File/

ISLAMABAD: Senate Deputy Chairman Saleem Mandviwalla on Sunday said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is violating human rights by blackmailing people.

He was addressing a press conference in Islamabad days after the NAB submitted a report in which it accused Mandviwalla of being involved in a fake accounts case.

The senator said that NAB resorts to “blackmailing people” during closed-door investigations,  adding that the National Commission on Human Rights, as well as the Supreme Court, have also criticised the bureau for violating human rights.

“When institutions like NAB violate human rights in this country, why is it that no one raises their voice against them?” Saleem Mandviwalla questioned. “When I raise my voice against the bureau’s wrongdoing, I am served a notice.”

He stated that the “Senate of Pakistan” is going through a hard time for the first time in history at the hands of the NAB.

“The NAB has accused me of making anonymous transactions but I will show to the world that I have not done any such thing,” he said in his defence, adding that he has been involved with different businesses for the past four generations but  NAB’s director-general Irfan Mangi has accused him of not doing any real business.

“We must ask Engineer Irfan Mangi the basis of his promotion within the NAB. Earlier, I used to write letters to the prime minister but now I will reveal every information I have to the media. All members of the NAB should disclose their assets too and I will raise this matter in the Senate.”

Per Geo News, NAB Chairman Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal has taken notice of the allegations by Saleem Mandviwalla.

“Saleem Mandviwalla will be given a chance to explain his position in accordance with NAB’s rules,” NAB chairman said.

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