Round Rock ISD is the 2nd Central Texas district to face tech...

Round Rock ISD is the 2nd Central Texas district to face tech issues during first week


ROUND ROCK, TEXAS (KXAN) — The Round Rock Independent School District is the second largest school district in Central Texas to face online-schooling technology issues.

Last week, Leander High School students were set to start virtual learning Aug. 13, but the night before, school leaders said they ran into technology issues. As a result, the Leander Independent School District canceled the first two virtual learning days of the year for all high school students. 

Leander ISD said it had to cancel “due to an issue with the web content filtering tool that allows students to connect to the internet on their district-provided laptop.”’

A week later, the Round Rock ISD faces similar issues.

A district spokesperson told KXAN there has been a content-filtering issues, which sporadically impacted access to Classlink, Schoology, Google Meet and other learning tools for some students using Chromebooks.

“While we added more server capacity and applied all software updates earlier in the year to address remote learning, today was the first day we had experienced this issue,” said Maritza Gallaga, RRISD spokesperson.

Gallaga says the issue took place from 8:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. and has since been resolved. Several Round Rock parents spoke out about the struggles they faced during their students’ first week of remote learning.

“When my son comes back, and he didn’t get to answer the question. Not only that, but he was kicked off for so long that they’re onto another subject,” said Leslie Winters. “He’s frustrated, because he didn’t get to answer, and now he’s frustrated, because he doesn’t know what they are talking about or what they are doing.”

Round Rock parent Laila Mehrabian says she also faced similar problems. For her, the challenges did get better throughout the day Friday, but at one point she did have to let her son borrow her personal computer rather than using the school-issued Chromebook.

“It seems like it has been resolved, because I was able to get my younger son back onto his Chromebook later this afternoon,” said Mehrabian. “I’m just hoping the issues will be a bit less each day, and we can address it as it goes.”

District officials say their network team reached out to Content Keeper engineers to do some fine tuning on the system and made some configuration changes and adjustments that fixed the problem.

Content Keeper staff are working with the district to make sure students do not have other issues.

The vendor Leander ISD uses is also called Content Keeper. The company is tasked with getting all of the district’s 10,000 devices online, in addition to Round Rock’s devices.

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