Reimagining A Life Cut Short By Hate | Anthony Arrives In New...

Reimagining A Life Cut Short By Hate | Anthony Arrives In New Zealand On October 26 Only On Acorn TV


one of the most inventively soul-shattering films of the
year, TV and otherwise”– Culture

29 July 2005 in Huyton, Merseyside, Anthony Walker was
murdered in a vicious racist attack. He was just 18 years

A basketball lover, a brother, a devout
Christian, a son and a friend, Anthony was just a regular
Liverpool teenager with dreams of working in civil rights
and a lifetime of potential ahead of him.

Produced for
BBC One by LA Productions and exclusively premiering in New
Zealand this October 26, 2020 on Acorn TV,
Anthony (1×90’) is the story of the life
he should have lived.

Skilfully plotted by one of
UK’s most powerful screenwriters Jimmy
(Hillsborough, The Street,
), this heartbreaking and moving drama chronicles
an imagined life in reverse, giving hope and optimism to a
future that was so brutally taken away.

unconventional storytelling and reverse chronology, the film
begins with a 25-year-old Anthony married to his high school
sweetheart and follows seven years of imagined experiences,
disappointments and triumphs leading viewers to the night of
this horrific crime.

“BBC Anthony writer Jimmy
McGovern reduces nation to tears after ‘perfect and
powerful’ drama”

– Liverpool

Arriving on screens across Aotearoa
at a prescient time, the film was created at the request of
and in partnership with Gee Walker, Anthony’s mother, a
close friend of McGovern’s who has acted as the writer’s
grief consultant for several years following her

Masterfully crafted it infuses intense joy into
the milestones of Anthony’s life while avoiding the
temptation to make him a martyr, instead using all of the
precious 90 minutes to paint a picture of a life that could
have blossomed – trials, tribulations and

Embracing the rawness of the human experience, it
shows a young man with strong work ethic and wholesome
family values whilst also portraying Anthony’s ability to
cause hurt to the people in his life with his naivety and
strong will.

Anthony strikes an
affecting balance of heartbreak and hope so much so that it
becomes hard not to feel a part of the Walker family’s
grief, creating an urgency in the viewer to hold those
dearest to them close.

“A visceral scene of what
it means to be a parent…both illuminating and
– The High

Staged in the realm of imagination and
grounded in the harshness of reality
Anthony has been praised for its
outstanding ability to move viewers with each moment more
touching than the last.

Anthony arrives in New
Zealand on October 26, 2020, only on Acorn

“Every scene of happiness hollows out your
heart a little more – it is an incredibly evocative
replication of the grief bereavement brings.” –
The Guardian

  • Starring:
    Toheeb Jimoh (The Feed, Ted Lasso)
    Rakie Ayola (Shetland) Julia
    (World on Fire) Bobby
  • Writer:
    Jimmy McGovern (Cracker, The
  • Director: Terry
    (Better Call
  • Producers: Colin McKeown
    (Broken, Care, Reg) and Donna Molloy
    (Broken, Care, Reg)

Further praise for

“Vital viewing”

“Anthony on BBC One merged
fact and fiction to create a powerful story about loss”
– Digital Spy

“Generated an
outpouring of emotion on social media”
Radio Times

“It is a
must-see. You can’t look away”– Bleeding

“Anthony is unique TV, more a
dream than a drama”


“He manages
to balance bleak tragedy and pockets of humour with
beautiful delicacy”

– Culture

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