Reap Financials’ Chris Heerlein Featured in “The Elite Wealth Manager”

Reap Financials’ Chris Heerlein Featured in “The Elite Wealth Manager”


John Bowen and Russ Alan Prince’s free book “The Elite Wealth Manager” provides a toolbox of proven strategies to help financial advisers accelerate success.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2020 / — If you are a financial adviser looking to step up your game this year, it’s crucial to be open to new ideas and continually seek out knowledge. One of the best ways to do this is by reading the words of those who have been successful in your field or whose expertise will help you better serve your clients.

The Elite Wealth Manager” equips Financial advisers with a toolbox of proven strategies to help accelerate success.

With keen insights from top advisers like Chris Heerlein, Partner at Reap Financial, and Founder of REAP Private Client Group (RPCG), “The Elite Wealth Manager” provides the centers of influence to build elegant wealth management businesses during this challenging time.

“The Elite Wealth Manager” was a breath of fresh air. There were people there who were a lot more successful than I was at the time, which gave me hope that I, too, could find a true balance between my work and my life. I have a renewed passion for the business and the impact we make on people’s lives.” – Chis Heerlein, Reap Private Client Group.

As a financial adviser, you enjoy a direct link between the results you deliver and its rewards. Regardless of where you are now – even if you already have an elite wealth management practice and are consistently earning a net income of more than $1M a year – there are significant opportunities before you. In fact, you have the ability to begin capturing tomorrow’s opportunities today. If you are ready to take your practice to the highest possible level, “The Elite Wealth Manager” will firmly put your future success in your hands.

Chris Heerlein, a Texas native, is a Partner at Reap Financial and Founder of REAP Private Client Group (RPCG), a family practice that helps private business owners, top-level executives, and affluent individuals create, transition, preserve and grow their wealth over generations. RPCG serves corporate and private clients, offering objective financial and investment advice, advanced tax planning, business succession planning, and exceptional service that creates generational relationships built on trust. Affluent families and individuals look to Chris and his team of Advisers to empower them by providing Organization, Accountability, Objectivity, Proactivity, Education, and Partnership.

Mr. Heerlein is an Amazon best-selling author with his most recent release, “Divorce With Dignity” (2019), which aims to honor marriage through an amicable split termed, Agreed Divorce. The book outlines the Agreed Divorce process and benefits using an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide along with case-studies from those who chose this option versus those that followed the more typical contested approach.

In “Money Won’t Buy Happiness But Time To Find It” (2017), Heerlein takes retirees of every age and income through steps to discover the greatest asset of all…TIME. This book serves to lead investors on a path to once and for all take control of their financial future, providing a perpetual level of happiness, only freedom can bring.

In addition to his work with families, Chris Heerlein host Wealth Radio, a LIVE, interactive broadcast that guides successful families & driven entrepreneurs towards building a life of significance. Listeners can tune in on NewsRadio KLBJ Wednesday during rush hour from 6 pm-7 pm. Replay episodes can be listened to on

Chris is a featured columnist for Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine and has been featured in Fortune, Money Magazine & Bloomberg Businessweek, U.S. News & World Report.

Chris Heerlein lives in Austin, TX with his wife Hannah and three children, Evangeline, Paloma, and Christopher. Chris is an active supporter of numerous charitable endeavors and an accomplished musician.

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