Positive hip-hop radio in Louisville to promote Black community

Positive hip-hop radio in Louisville to promote Black community


The Feast, a Black think-tank in Louisville that aims to bring Black individuals together over bi-weekly dinners to discuss Black business incubation and ways to overcome institutionalized racism, haslaunched a positive hip-hop radio station.

The station will play rap music that portrays the Black community in a positive light and highlight its fight against injustice, systematic racism and oppression versus the modern and popularized themes of money, sex, drugs and crime that are played out in mainstream hip-hop. 

In a city that saw a record number of 173 criminal homicides in 2020, Jibriyll Izsrael, co-founder of the Feast, community organizer and author of “Ali 400: The Blueprint to Saving the World with Positive Hip Hop One Community at a Time,” said he believes negative rap lyrics that glorify crime, money, drugs and sex have had an impact on how people —  more specifically young Black teens —  carry themselves and form an identity. 

Jibriyll Izsrael, community organizer and co-founder of the Feast, organized their event at Chef's Space in Louisville, Ky. on Apr. 13, 2021.

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“Mainstream hip-hop produces the biggest mainstream icons,” he said. “So, it’s common sense the level of influence and the ability of these artists to inadvertently lead and influence our youth in such a way that is detrimental to their progress — our progress as people.

“What you fixate your eyes and ears on, that’s what you’re going to become,” he continued.

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