PM Modi at Bengaluru Tech Summit says Digital India has become a...

PM Modi at Bengaluru Tech Summit says Digital India has become a way of life – New Delhi Times


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that five years ago Centre has launched ‘Digital India’ mission and is no longer being seen as a regular government initiative and it has instead become a way of life.

The Prime Minister said while inaugurating the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 said that  India has witnessed a more human-centric approach to development and using technology at a large scale has changed several life for the citizens. The benefits are for everyone to see Modi said the government has successfully created a market for digital and tech solutions. It has made technology a key part of all schemes.

The Prime Minister also said that when it comes to technology, the way ahead lies in learning and growing together and following the approach, several incubation centres are opening in India. He also pointed to the culture of hackathons which have been organised in India over the past few years.

Talking about the transition from industrial to the information era, Modi said that achievements of the industrial era are in the rear-view mirror, and now, we are in the middle of the information era. Future is coming sooner than anticipated. In the industrial era, change was linear. But in the information era, change is disruptive.

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