No dress code and innovative recruitment. How HR can inspire others

No dress code and innovative recruitment. How HR can inspire others


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This article was published in the Career & Employment Guide 2020, our special annual publication focused on the labour market, human resources and education.

Poštová Banka cancelled its dress code at its Bratislava headquarters, the first bank to do so in Slovakia.

The decision came after a group of people from a talent programme saw a presentation for new recruits, which among other things described the dress code, using pictures from the 1990s. They started discussing it and quickly learned they have different styles and like different things.

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“We found it great to support the differences between us and build a partner culture through mutual respect, for example by loosening the dress code rules,” said Katarína Kostoláni, internal communication specialist of Poštová Banka, adding it was a great opportunity to also change corporate culture.

To spread the word, they used a non-traditional tool: shirts with a message worn by managers and sent to some media outlets, added Kostoláni’s colleague Igor Fekiač.

Unused business clothes were then donated to the Nosene second hand shops in Bratislava, creating the #dobrosanosi collection. They organise various collections of unused clothes and host internal workshops on fast fashion, and publish internal blogs showing solutions that save time and money.

“By cancelling the dress code and organising clothing collections, we took the path of sustainability,” Fekiač said.

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