Minister Sudhakar launches AI-driven movable hospitals to deal with Covid-19

Minister Sudhakar launches AI-driven movable hospitals to deal with Covid-19


BENGALURU: Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar on Thursday launched Vevra Pods, an AI-driven movable hospital developed by the startup Vevra. The pods have been designed to contain the spread of contagious diseases, and prevent cross-contamination at hospitals.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform healthcare, the Minister said launching the product developed by the Bengaluru-based health-tech startup, and urged startups to focus on developing low-cost solutions so that healthcare becomes both accessible and affordable to masses.

Vevra has developed the pods with the Portugal-based IoT firm InnoWave Group. The moveable hospitals, according to the company, help contain the spread of airborne diseases.

The pods come in five variants; General pod, ICU pod, doctors stay pod, operation theatre pod, and scanning room pod. Each pod can accommodate 4-9 beds.

The pods require a minimum 500-sq foot, and can be annexed to an existing hospital building, parking lot, or other open spaces in the hospital premises.

The idea for these pods emerged as an answer to deal with major crises. Hospitals come under a lot of pressure if they lack necessary infrastructure to provide care for several infected persons at a time, the company said.

The pods come with an ante-chamber airlock room to provide a safe area for healthcare professionals to do donning and doffing and to store the medical supplies. Negative air pressure in the pod, it helps to contain airborne diseases such as TB, Flu, and Covid-19.

The ICU pod comes with a provision for oxygen supply, and analyzer. It is integrated with a device to monitor oxygen supply pressure and to measure the oxygen concentration delivered by ventilators or breathing systems along with a failure alarm system, the company said.

Vevra pods, the company said, allows natural light to enter so that patients recover fast.

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