Mia Arcenas Branellec: ‘Dress for comfort—but accessorize’

Mia Arcenas Branellec: ‘Dress for comfort—but accessorize’


When she became a mom, Mia Arcenas Branellec started to make a few style compromises in favor of comfort.

But looking frumpy was not an option for the fashion designer. “As a young mama, I still want to feel like myself by wearing my favorite things. But of course now, I prioritize pieces that are easy to use while carrying my baby,” she says of son Jacques Emmanuel, who just turned 1.“Since becoming a mama, my style has become more about being comfortable and having ‘easy access,’ especially since I breastfed from the start.” It meant a lot of button-down blouses, dresses, flowy tops, pants and trousers.“I wear a lot of whites, neutral tones and shades of blue,” she adds.

Her tip for fellow young moms: “Dress comfortably. Mix and match key pieces. Build your wardrobe with items that can last you a lifetime so you can just buy a few things to accessorize your look.” —CVM


Mia Arcenas Branellec wearing Jewelmer golden pearl stud earrings and necklace


Chanel sling bag


Denim jacket with appliqués, from Arcenas’ collaboration with Solenn Heussaff for Lahi Lifestyle


Kaftans by Mia Arcenas



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