Local family-owned company steps up during COVID-19 crisis

Local family-owned company steps up during COVID-19 crisis


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Tucked right off of Britton Road, next to the Channel 4 Studios, sits Modular Services Company. 

The family owned business has been around since the 1920s. 

An Oklahoma gem not many Oklahomans have heard of. 

Their sole purpose is to manufacture a key component in hospital rooms.

They’re called patient headwalls. 

“We bring together everything from the finishes that you see as you enter the room the paneling, the headwall itself, to all of the guts that houses the oxygen the medical air, the vacuum regulators the preform really the care the infrastructure to save lives,” said employee Zak Bottomly. 

The headwalls, built right in our backyard, are sent around the world. 

They’re meeting high demand due to COVID-19. 

For example, in Washington DC, the company was able to build an extra 250 patient rooms in a matter of just ten days. 

“From really the first week of March to now, it has just been a rush to get solutions on to job sites and into hospitals as soon as possible,” said Bottomly. “Can we build better hospitals, faster? We’ve been able to prove that we can utilizing this type of technology.”

Not only are they helping hospitals and COVID-19 patients, they’ve been a huge help to our own KFOR family. 

With many of their employees working remotely, they made empty conference rooms available to News 4 crews. 

“When the call came in that there was a need for space for your team of reporters to have a safe and quiet workspace that’s comfortable, the Walker family stepped up to the table,” said Bottomly. 

Modular Services adapting, thriving, and helping others in unpredictable times… living out the Oklahoma Standard.

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