Kriti Kare India addresses early ventilator support through its ACUvent ventilator

Kriti Kare India addresses early ventilator support through its ACUvent ventilator


Chennai: Kriti Kare India’s ACUvent ventilator has been designed to administer early ventilator support for non-critical cases, so as to increase the chances of recovery, without patients entering the critical stage and requiring high-end ventilator support. The Chennai-based company founded by technopreneur Krishna Kumar partnered in May with Ashok Leyland, who have committed to lending unconditional support in the areas of supply chain logistics and manufacturing, to help accelerate mass production. The company has extended their ISO-certified facility for the same, with Ashok Leyland’s resources being utilised onsite.

“The race to manufacture and provide sufficient, safe and reliable medical equipment to healthcare institutions around the world has led to over 85,000 downloads of open source ventilator designs by enterprising people; however, only mature and established high volume manufacturing companies will have the process control methodologies to ensure products of a high and standardised quality. Kriti Kare, as an ISO-certified company with ample experience in this field, is capable of doing this. We are eager to assist hospitals, governments and all affected by this crisis in order to help save as many lives as possible,” Krishna Kumar said.

He added that the majority of COVID-19 cases fall into the categories of “mild” to “severe”, with only 3%-5% entering the critical stage and that the new ICU ventilator model that Kriti Kare India is planning to produce on a large scale will allow medical professionals to offer earlier ventilation to a higher number of patients due to its affordable cost.

“Studies have shown this proactive measure can be a life-saving intervention. This new model allows for good oxygenation through both invasive and non-invasive modes. Among the salient features of this model is oxygen control capability, using a blending mechanism that allows adjustments to suit each patient’s requirement. These new ventilators from Kriti Kare India are easier to operate, allowing recently- graduated or non-emergency doctors to use them with confidence. Both adult and paediatric patients can be treated, and a range of invasive and non-invasive applications can be administered,” he said.

Unlike other low-cost solutions such as Ambu bag compression systems and CPAP/BiPAP units, which cannot be adjusted to address patients’ changing conditions over time, capabilities of ventilators from Kriti Kare India in an ICU setting are more reliable, and can meet evolving treatment protocols. Kriti Kare India’s new model of affordable and efficient ventilators also ensures that high-end ventilators can be retained for usage only in critical cases. This removes the pressure on hospitals with limited high-end ventilators on hand, a situation which countries around the world have faced.

Through their partnership with Ashok Leyland, Kriti Kare India will be producing 500-1000 units per week within the next 6-10 weeks’ time. The company has been approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu as a provider of ventilators, and will later be able to support requirements from other states as well as international orders. Kriti Kare India has been manufacturing ACUvent, NANOvent C and KRITIvent ventilators for the Indian market since 2014 and their equipment has been in use at over 100 hospitals to date. They are currently also designing higher capability ventilators based on the ACUvent platform. This product will also be launched in the near future.

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