iTWire – Review – Tranya T10 Bluetooth earbuds

iTWire – Review – Tranya T10 Bluetooth earbuds


Wireless headphone maker, Tranya, began life when its founder had a vision for fully-featured audio devices available for most people. Their new flagship earbuds solidly demonstrate they’re living up to the mark.

iTWire has previously seen Tranya’s Rimor model which pleasantly impressed. The brand’s new Tranya T10 is its flagship and they deliver the goods with updates in all the right places: a 12mm driver, noise cancellation, long battery life and more.

The buds have a solid feel but easily pop in and out of your ear. The box includes three different sizes of tips so you can adjust to find the best fit for you. They come with a carrying case that also recharges the earbuds. The case supports wireless charging as well as fast charging via USB-C, with an included cable.

They also pair effortlessly. I put the earbuds in my ear and a calm English lady told me they were in pairing mode. They showed on my phone, I paired and that was that. From then each time I put the earbuds in they paired automatically. You couldn’t make a simpler Bluetooth experience.

I’ve taken the T10 for some solid 4km walks and never felt at any time they would fall out of my ears. At the same time, I never felt any discomfort or concern. Instead I became absorbed in my own world, enjoying music and podcasts and other audio observing the nature around me and forgetting about all other distractions.

{load position david08}Spec-wise, my experience was helped by the 12mm graphene driver that pushes more powerful, detailed sound with deep bass, and by the built-in cVc 8.0 noise cancellation which automatically reduces background noise and optimises voice.

Tranya engineers have put a lot of work into the audio, expertly tuning it for high clarity with powerful, tight, layered bass and clear, crisp treble. Advanced aptX and AAC codecs reproduce authentic sound with highly-pitched playback.

For those who enjoy a good workout, or even for those who like the rain, the earbuds are IPX7 water- and sweat-proof. Combined with the snug fit, this makes the T10 a terrific choice for any high intensity activity.

You can even do it all day. The earbuds have eight hours of playtime on a single charge, and a total of 32 hours of playtime using the charging case.

I was impressed by how much Tranya has packed into these tiny earbuds and they’ve worked so well for me, been so crisp, lasted so long on a single charge, and been so effortless to use they’ve become my daily go-to earbuds for work and play. They normally retail for $205.38 but right now you can get one yourself for $126.38.

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