Israel’s voice recognition technology provides endless possibilities

Israel’s voice recognition technology provides endless possibilities


Voice recognition technology is growing in popularity and being integrated into products and services by companies worldwide, CTech reports. ‘The Four,’ as leading tech companies Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are collectively referred to, are all producing virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants are not new technology, Galit Galperin, a product executive at Playtech, lecturer at IDC Herzeliya, and author of popular blog Voicey told CTech. “20 years ago we had IVR (interactive voice response) systems that were using voice recognition in a small sense.”

But Galperin says that voice recognition technologies have become far more advanced and “nowadays you can have a sort of communication which goes both ways with the machine.” The industry refers to this as Conversational AI.

Galperin listed a few voice recognition companies that are making a splash in the commercial B2B world with technology that goes beyond the familiar ‘call and response’ type of virtual listening.

Audioburst is a company that encourages ‘next-gen’ listening by listening to millions of minutes from podcasts and radio stations and creating short audio clips using AI.

Tukuoro brings voice activation to any device in public areas (like kiosks and tickets stands). Tukouro operates outside ‘The Four’ and does not share user’s data. automates and scales customer conversations with friendly voice AI agents used in call centers.

Voiceitt helps those with severe speech impediments via mobile app or tablet. The system learns how users speak and then helps translate unintelligible speech patterns

Verbit is a transcription and captioning solution with 99% efficacy of its speech to text technology.

Gong.IO helps sales team prepare for calls. Galperin explains that “the machine records me, and analyzes, and gives me the proper way to speak with the right personas in order to make the sale.”

After outlining companies coming out of Israel, it became clear that the latest instrument in the tech sphere will be an organic tool that requires no guidebook-human voice.

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