India-Dutch collaborative startup Leven Medical unveils smart ventilators with AI, ML

India-Dutch collaborative startup Leven Medical unveils smart ventilators with AI, ML


Hyderabad: Leven Medical, an India-Dutch collaborative startup mentored by the Telangana government’s initiative Hyderabad Security Cluster (HSC), has unveiled its smart ventilators, claiming to have integrated them with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These ventilators, supported by a tracking software, can not only auto adjust oxygen flow of a patient but can also send alerts to the doctors/nurses and alerts to family members in case of an emergency, allow remote monitoring while the doctor is away from the hospital, claims the startup.

The Telangana industries secretary Jayesh Ranjan unveiled three models of ventilators produced by Level Medical – Smart Ventilator, C5 Covid-19 Ventilator and ICU Ventilator.

The startup said these ventilators were developed with the help of experts from across the globe that have brought to the table a culmination of inputs by scientists, medical experts, innovators and engineers.

Touting it as the first of its kind intelligent ventilator, Jayesh Ranjan said, while others are just ventilator support, the advantage that Leven has brought is a very strong dose of technology where the AI layer helps capture lot of patient data and user data. “This data is utilized in taking decisions about medical intervention that gives an edge over other regular ventilators,” he said. “The advantage of Leven ventilators is, besides respiratory support, it also gives insights to doctors and medical staff to take informed decisions.”

Ten different functions were integrated into the system while developing the product, said Zaki Qureshey, founder and chief executive of Leven Medical. “While our ventilators and the proprietary software can be integrated into the hospital management system and into an entire state’s healthcare system, these have been designed keeping in mind the post Covid scenario too.”

On the increasing number of features added to their ventilators to bring about solutions to emerging problems as the pandemic unfolded, Qureshey said, “For instance when we saw that doctors and medical professionals were few in number and hesitant to go near critical patients, we thought of adding a remote monitoring feature into the machine. With it, a doctor can monitor and attend to a patient in case of an emergency even while he is having his lunch or has reached back home. Then we added a tracking software to allow contact tracing and monitoring of patients.”

Leven Medical’s C5 Covid-19 ventilator is priced at around Rs 75,000 with Covid tracking software, as against the basic ventilators available in the market ranging between Rs 1.5-Rs 5 lakh. Leven’s ICU Ventilator that comes with state of the art proprietary GUI software with remote monitoring features and Covid tracking software is priced around Rs 9 lakh. And the Leven Smart Ventilator integrated with AI and ML and tracking software is priced around Rs 12 lakh, said the company.

“With this cost and this innovation, ventilators can be taken even to the remotest of rural areas, villages and to the masses for whom it is currently inaccessible,” said Prashant Gupta, Head Solutions, Asia Pac, VERIZON, and one of the founding fathers of Hyderabad Security Cluster, said.

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