IAMAI encouraging budding entrepreneurs to help India survive the Pandemic

IAMAI encouraging budding entrepreneurs to help India survive the Pandemic


IAMAI announced its very first Design Challenge in April 2020 with the theme of “Solving for the social issues arising due to Pandemics”. This was an initiative by IAMAI Design and Innovation Committee to encourage young minds to come up and help the nation during these times of crisis.

With Facebook sponsoring the prizes for the winners, and UNICEF and Dabung Girl being its key supporters and mentoring partners, the challenge took the country by storm. With nearly 1000 teams reaching out to participate, the challenge went through multiple exhaustive rounds of evaluation to choose the top 3 winners.

Ms. Apala Lahiri, shares her experience as being a part of the jury for the challenge and chair of IAMAI Design and Innovation Committee “Through the design challenge, we looked forward to our creative thinkers inspiring the country with unique ways of visualising solutions for the pandemic.

Seize the day, we said to all creative thinkers in India – you have nothing to lose but the suffering caused by the pandemic!

Did they respond to the call…YES and made us SO proud to see the commitment to contribute, together with the quality and variety of ideas submitted. AND, now is the time for applause for our winners!”

The top 20 participants were evaluated by some of the leading professionals of the country like Ms. Shruti Moghe from Facebook, Ms. Sonia Manchanda from Spread Design and Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sudhir Desai from Youth Future Alliance, Mr. Sudhindra V. from IBM Interactive Experience and Mr. Alok Nandi from Spread Design BV.

The first prize went to Mr. Arjun UR, second year student studying Integrated Lifestyle Product Design from Kerala State Institute of Design. His award-winning design, Ezy Isolate, is about a portable isolation module to isolate any COVID-19 infected person. The design of the module is done in such a way that it can be easily mass produced at low cost and can provide all the basic requirements for the isolated person.  The product has been inspected by State Medical Board and PEID cell and some modifications had been suggested.

The second prize went to Ms. Simran Saha and her team, students of Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. They have proposed a mechanical ventilation system which provides a required volume of air at certain intervals during specific medical critical conditions. The tidal volume required for the ventilation however, depends upon certain parameters like breathing rate, pulse rate, oxygen levels, CO2 levels, gaseous mixtures and activities the patient is performing at a particular period and so on.  The device is so named by them the Linshomator.

The third prize went to TechEagle Innovations, based out of Gurugram. Their idea revolved around Drone Crowd Analytics, an AI powered crowd analytics solution that works on videos and images from the drones that would assess and help with following new norms of crowd control as the nation faces new normal post the lockdown and following social distancing.

The winners will be awarded with cash prizes at the IAMAI Design Leadership Summit & Awards 2020, which is being organised in October 2020, with global experts and design leaders.  The summit is dedicated to focus on design thinking being the core of any new innovation and at the same time it being the knight to save industries and businesses during crisis.

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