‘I dont’t waste a single minute’- The New Indian Express

‘I dont’t waste a single minute’- The New Indian Express


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Former Air Asia pilot, IIT alumnus, bodybuilding champion, and fitness and lifestyle YouTuber Gaurav Taneja, 34, has set a world record with his latest YouTube channel Rasbhari Ke Papa. The channel got 1 lakh subscribers in 98 minutes and touched 1 million in four days.

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar had reached this mark in 28 days. The Gurugrambased content creator had started FitMuscle TV on YouTube, comprising videos on fitness and bodybuilding. Two years, eight months ago, he started vlogging with his channel Flying Beast, sharing videos from his daily routine. His newest channel is named after his twoyear- old daughter Rasbhari’s (Kiara) name.


What is the channel’s content about?
I do a live interaction with my subscribers, while toying with airplane simulator games, PUBG and other games. I also talk about the major incidents of the Indian economy and their impact on the country and its future, like the recent Air India Express case.

You are a certified nutritionist, a professional bodybuilder, and you make vlogs. How do you make time for all the things?
I have trained myself over the years to make time for everything. Ever since I was young there was a burning desire in me to chase everything I wanted. Vlogging, bodybuilding and my career in the airline industry are pretty much what I envisioned when I was young. To be successful, you have to go through the hard grind, which is why I don’t waste a single minute as I have organised it well with a tight schedule that keeps me on my toes and allows me to hit the gym, make interactive videos and keep up to date on what is going in the airline industry.

What attracted you to the world of YouTube?
I was working full-time as an airline captain and was in love with fitness which pushed me to compete professionally. Many people in the gym used to ask me for fitness tips. But one day I was giving fitness tips to a person and someone made a Facebook live and tagged me in it. People loved that video and started telling me to make more of such videos. So, I started a channel called FitMuscle TV. During this process, I learnt filmmaking, camera editing and started vlogging.

What are your future plans?
After receiving so much love on social media I cannot possibly turn it off otherwise I will be letting all my subscribers and my family down. I plan on continuing all my channels as they cover all the aspects of my life – flying, fitness, gaming and spending time with my family. I also want to raise my voice against social evils affecting our society.

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