How Musician turned Film Director and Producer- Girish Makwana Is bringing acting...

How Musician turned Film Director and Producer- Girish Makwana Is bringing acting talent to reality


Environments play a major role in shaping aspirations. Born into an artistic and reformative family, the versatile Girish Makwana from a very young age has been exposed to art culture. Girish Makwana’s beginnings are a true roller coaster ride, powered by the desire of his birth knack for building his career around the music and film industry.

Makwana’s father is a prolific writer and social activist who consistently wrote on racial and social discrimination and the inequality practices existing in India.

Girish Makwana suffered a polio attack when he was 2 years old, which affected him for a lifetime. In Spite of such adversity, he wasn’t disheartened and found solace in music. Makwana proved that mindset is everything and started playing harmonium when he was about 7 years old. He also learned how to play Tabla, an Indian bass instrument, and show his natural talent for extracting success.

From performing his first piece at the age of 14 to being selected for pursuing a Ph.D. course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Makwana has created a legacy for the upcoming generations in the music industry.

Makwana at the Sydney Conservatorium worked on creating a collaborative piece that merged Western and Indian classical music as a whole. Not everyone wants to allow rough patches and naysayers to halt his progress, Makwana powered on with the creation of a musical band Tihai, to follow his childhood passion for movies and motion pictures, he has shown true promise of excellence in both the industries.

He has performed at multiple music festivals such as Darebin Music Festival, Quiet Music festival, La Boîte Spring Festival, the Bollywood Music Festival at Castlemaine. This musical journey is artfully depicted in Makwana’s very first short film My Musical Journey. It was during the creation of this autobiographical masterpiece, Makwana embraced his passion for direction.

And ever since then, he believed in constant evolution and realized his true potential. Makwana started working on several motion picture projects and got enrolled at the RMIT University learning the ropes of movie making and production. Throughout his career, Makwana’s work has been a mirror image of his instincts and beliefs, painting them for the audience, which is reflected in his short films and documentaries. He has achieved coveted positions that only a few others from the Asian continent have achieved.

Makwana’s debut film The Colour of Darkness represents an Indo-Australian context, merging the eccentricity in a fine piece of work. His direction and production house G K Makwana Films is home to several artists who share the same enthusiastic caliber, and reflect their talent with the shared set of values, bringing the acting talent alive for the world of possibilities.

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