#Fashiontips: Five ways you can style your oversized blazer and nail it

#Fashiontips: Five ways you can style your oversized blazer and nail it


Oversized blazers are currently trending (Pinterest)

We must all admit 2020 was not the best year for the fashion industry. However, thanks to the pandemic, most trends had to be cut short as they paved way for more comfy outfits. As you might have noticed, most trends have been leaning towards sweats, baggy outfits and two sets.

One of the many trends currently dominating the fashion scene are the oversized blazers. They are not only comfy but they come in a wide variety of colours you can’t afford to not love. If you haven’t jumped on this band wagon yet, here are some helpful tips on how you can style your oversized blazers and nail it:

Oversized blazers and denim pants never go wrong (Pinterest)

Whether you are going for pencil trousers, rugged jeans or mom jeans, pairing your jeans to an oversized blazer is just a game changer. The proportions give your outfit a clean finish, not to mention how balanced your pieces end up looking. You can add an accessory like a belt or fedora hat to complete your look.

Try the mini skirt look (Pinterest)

Did someone say legs? Yes you can finally show of those legs comfortably by adding an oversized blazer to give your outfit some structure. Anyway, what better way to balance your proportions than with a large blazer and a small skirt? To complete your look you can consider white rubber shoes to keep your outfit trendy.

Balance your proportions with a palazzo and oversized blazer (Pinterest)

Sometimes the easiest way to create an amazing outfit is by simply breaking the rules. Palazzos are generally wide and when paired with an oversized blazer, they give your outfit a contemporary finish. You can pair them with a crop top or a fitting vest top to keep your outfit clean. You can always add a belt to snatch everything together and for the hour glass figure.

Mix different colours and textures (Pinterest)

Another way you can style your blazer is by pairing it to trousers and skirts of different colours and textures. Pant suits are awesome but try pairing the oversized blazer to a skirt and watch your outfit go from zero to a ten. This look can especially work when you are going to the office and you need to spice things up a little.

Pair your blazer to fitting dresses (Pinterest)

Last but not least, there is no better match than an oversized blazer paired to a fitting dress. The best part is that whether you go for a mini dress, midi or long dress, the outfit will not lose its zing. You can also try and mix different colours and textures so that your outfit can pop and not look too basic and frumpy.


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