Fashion Q&A with Nadia Fairfax

Fashion Q&A with Nadia Fairfax


Nadia, aged 5, at the Sydney Easter Show with her mum, Sharon.

Nadia, aged 5, at the Sydney Easter Show with her mum, Sharon.

… on a first date? Jeans, sneakers, a leotard and blazer with a bold earring or lip.

… on a plane? My grandfather worked for Qantas and taught me from a young age that it’s a privilege to fly, so I’m always in proper attire, looking gorgeous, never in tracksuits or denim. A mid-length dress with a jacket, a trench coat, sunnies, a beautiful bag, the whole shebang. Never heels, though, always flats.

… to the Oscars? Something outrageous. I’d call on Adrian [Norris] and Eddie [Edwina Forest] from Aje to create something special. We have such a beautiful history together: they are going to make
one of the dresses for my wedding.

Who are your favourite designers? I love Romance Was Born, Loewe, P. Johnson Femme and vintage Pucci and Versace. Also, jewellery designer Anissa Kermiche.

And your favourite fragrance? I have certain scents for when I want to feel smouldering and sexy, others for cute and fruity. Right now, I’m loving Diptyque Eau Capitale.

What’s your go-to accessory? I live for big, bold drop earrings. They can be high or low, like Marni or a $15 pair found on Instagram.

Can you remember a favourite outfit you wore as a child? I lived in clogs and Esprit tees in all the different colours of the rainbow.

What are three essential items in your wardrobe? A great-fitting swimsuit: I love Mikoh and Missoni. A pair of white strappy high heels. And active wear because everyone lives in it now; The Upside is classic and comfortable.

What’s your favourite fashion era? I adore the ’60s: go-go boots, a mini shift dress, a cat’s eye and a beehive.


And your worst fashion mistake? Dying my hair brown. I’m a natural blonde and it looked horrendous. It was a classic case of changing hair after a relationship break-up.

What would you buy if money were no object? Personalised Louis Vuitton luggage.

Is there anything you’d never wear? A spaghetti-strap, mid-length black dress. Minimalism is just so boring.

Is there a current trend you like? Optimism dressing: bold, bright colours and prints that make you happy.

What shoes do you wear most often? Common Projects sneakers. I’ve got them in white, tan and pale pink.

Who’s your style muse? Cleopatra for all her bling and make-up. Princess Anne: she always throws a quirky twist into her outfits. And Naomi Campbell in the ’90s.

Your favourite casual Sunday look? Cowboy boots with a minidress. If the weather’s chilly, I’ll just throw a sweater over my shoulders.

This article appears in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age on sale August 2.

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