Experience The Taste Of New Zealand: DryNZ Launches Pure NZ Drinking Fruit

Experience The Taste Of New Zealand: DryNZ Launches Pure NZ Drinking Fruit


Buying local produce has taken on a whole new meaning
with DryNZ’s recently launched pure NZ drinking fruit
sachets – a refined sugar free blend of delicious real New
Zealand fruit and manuka honey powder. The taste of New
Zealand is a sachet away with flavours like apple,
blackcurrant, kiwifruit, lemon and peach included in the new

The Waiuku based company behind premium tea
brand Ti Ora has launched their new range of pure NZ
drinking fruit to both the Kiwi and Chinese markets. Made
with the freshest fruit from trusted New Zealand orchards
and mixed with New Zealand’s manuka honey – an
anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and
anti-viral powerhouse – creates a delicious fruit drink
helping to boost your immune system and improve gut health.
The fruit comes from a gentle drying and concentration
process, resulting in a fine, preservative-free powder with
all the nutritional goodness retained. The inclusion of
manuka honey enhances the flavour, adding a touch of natural
sweetness resulting in a delicious cup of Kiwi

If you’re a coffee drinker, pure NZ
drinking fruit sachets provide the perfect opportunity to
switch out caffeinated drinks for a cup of nutritious,
guilt-free, locally produced fruit at only 50 calories per
serving. Just one serving of DryNZ’s lemon or kiwifruit
pure NZ drinking fruit contains the equivalent of 87.5% of
your recommended dietary intake of vitamin C. Each sachet
contains a significant amount of dried fruit – half an
apple and a whole peach in each of these varietals


originally designed as a hot drink, pure NZ drinking fruit
can also be used to enhance the taste and nutritional value
of your favourite foods like yoghurt and ice cream, and is
the perfect accompanist to your morning muesli, porridge or
smoothie. Pure NZ drinking fruit sachets are highly useful
in baking, adding a fruity, healthy kick to any of your
favourite cake, muffin, icing, or cookie

DryNZ believes the demand for their products
will be practically insatiable in China, as products from
New Zealand are highly sought after in the Chinese market.
New Zealand’s reputation as a world leader in soil
quality, water quality, air quality and general quality of
produce precedes itself in China, meaning that Kiwi products
are revered for their purity and health benefits.

pure NZ drinking fruit range will be delivered door to door
in China through the popular online social networking site
WeChat, and will be available online for New Zealand
customers via DryNZ’s website. Pure NZ drinking fruit
sachets are highly versatile and will become a staple in
your kitchen, office or handbag.

sustainability story is inherent to their business.
Exporting dried fruit produces significantly less carbon
emissions than fresh fruit, given the total weight of goods
is 80-90% lower than it would be if it was not dehydrated.
Dried fruit can also be harvested from non-tier produce
(non-export sized fruit, or fruit that does not meet
stockist specifications) which helps to reduce waste from
growers. While fruit is ruthlessly sorted by food chains,
DryNZ can use oddly shaped apples and lemons without
compromising the quality of their final

Stockist: pure NZ drinking fruit is available
in a five-sachet pack from https://www.drynz.com/purenzdrinkingfruit/

pure NZ drinking fruit (5 individual flavour sachets) RRP

About DryNZ:

DryNZ has industry
expertise and the ability to combine New Zealand fruit and
vegetables with superior vacuum drying technology to deliver
a premium product. The company’s vision is to be New
Zealand’s leading supplier of the finest, freshest,
tastiest and healthiest dried ingredients and by further
growing its capabilities to take on the international stage.

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