Elevate Your Automotive Knowledge With This Porsche Design Hookah

Elevate Your Automotive Knowledge With This Porsche Design Hookah


One Saturday afternoon, you get a call from the club inviting you out for a drive. The weather is perfect for a 911 Carrera Cabrio so you accept. After the drive, one of the guys invites you to their place for a drink and a smoke. You’ve got your cigars and cutter so you accept.

You park your baby at the given address and walk up to the front door. Two knocks later the door opens and all you see is Porsche, Porsche, Porsche. Not believing there’s a bigger fan than you out there, you take a seat before passing out. Already some of the crew is there. Introductions over with, the host comes to the table with a vase sticking out of it, the words Porsche Design stamped on it. So you ask, “Uh, Dale, what the heck is that?”

It’s nothing more than a Porsche Design hookah. Yeah. This is actually a real water-pipe for your shisha that will run you nearly $2,000 . I’m sorry, but for two grand, it better do more than just say Porsche on it. But This isn’t so much about what it does, because after all it’s only a water-pipe, it’s about how it does it.

Porsche Design looked to take the classic hookah and literally raise it to ultra-modern standards. The Shisha is a little more than just a hookah. It’s been crafted to offer ultimate ease of use and the highest-grade smoking experience.

Let’s start this like we would with anything shaped like this, from the bottom up. The bottom offers us a wonderfully shaped hand-blown bowl. This glass bell is composed of dark grey glass to offer a Porsche look and aesthetic. Shaped and sized just the way it needs to be in order to offer the right amount of smoke.

The stem or base as it is also called, is formed of anodized aluminum to offer as clean smoke as possible. Unlike average aluminum, anodized aluminum incredibly non-toxic. This property will also make sure that the life of your piece will be as long as possible.

As we follow the stem up to the top, we notice it’s all anodized aluminum. The tobacco head has been redesigned to fit more shisha than your standard hookah, giving us the choice of a thicker smoke, if desired. The tobacco head is composed from automotive grade ceramic that is sure to last under the toughest conditions. After-all, you’ll be burning coals on it.

The use of a larger windscreen ensures that your coals won’t burnout prematurely or singe your shisha. This is supposed to be another factor in helping your smoking experience to remain constant. If you do happen to take in too much smoke, a blow-off valve is included to help clear the device of unwanted smoke.

Up next we have the hand-held tube. This has seen the use of synthetic leather and possible hand-sticking to give it even more Porsche emphasis. The use of silicone seals will keep this water-pipe in the family even long after you’ve passed. That’s considering your cat doesn’t push it off your shelf first.

We don’t know why Porsche Design would make something like this, but if you’ve got the cash to support a Porsche museum, you might as well go out and order one of these as well. If it doesn’t offer you the smoking experience you wished for, it’s damn sure to start some conversations.

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