Digital Farm to showcase latest technology at Beef Australia

Digital Farm to showcase latest technology at Beef Australia


Digital technology and data-driver products will be the focus of Meat and Livestock Australia’s tent at Beef Australia 2021.

MLA will have a ‘Digital Farm’ display as part of the AgTech and Innovation Hub, showcasing the latest technologies for water, soil and livestock management and asset infrastructure that can assist with on-farm productivity and profitability.

MLA general manager research development and adoption Michael Crowley, said the Digital Farm was a great opportunity for red meat producers to see what was happening in this space and what new developments were on the horizon.

“MLA’s Digital Farm will demonstrate the difference digital technology and data could make to production, and showcase new tools to assist producers with decision-making that may improve productivity and their bottom-line,” Mr Crowley said.

“We’ll also share how technology utilised in the defence and security industries may be harnessed and applied in the Australian beef industry, including what research and development is underway.

“There are some really exciting opportunities emerging in the digital space for red meat producers and there’s something for everyone at MLA’s Beef Australia 2021 trade site and Digital Farm.”

MLA's stall at Beef Australia in previous years.

MLA’s stall at Beef Australia in previous years.

Displays and demonstrations will include:

– Water management sensors and app-driven weather stations

– Soil moisture sensors and satellite-driven pasture management, crop health systems

– Livestock management smart tags, BeefSpecs camera, cattle tracking collars and electric fence monitors

– Farm management dashboards and ROI calculators

– HDT Drover Wolf autonomous vehicle will be demonstrated daily, 10.30am – 11am and 3.30pm – 4pm

MLA will also be involved in the Tech Yards Talks presented by NBN, including the retinal scanning – from James Bond to cow paddocks session, hosted on Tuesday May 4 at 12.30pm – 1pm.

MLA’s ‘Digital Farm’ showcase is located in the Ken Coombe Tech Yards as part of the AgTech & Innovation Hub at Beef Australia 2021.

For more information visit MLA’s Beef Australia 2021 page.

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