Coronavirus live news: one in nine people in UK in lockdown, India...

Coronavirus live news: one in nine people in UK in lockdown, India records another record daily rise | World news


One in nine people in the UK under lockdown restrictions

One in nine people across the UK are once more under some form of lockdown restrictions, according to an analysis by Pamela Duncan, a Guardian data journalist.

A total of 7,317,093 people – 11% of the UK population – live in the local authority areas and wards affected by some level of local lockdown measures.

Birmingham, Sandwell and Sollihull were added to the government’s list of areas facing restrictions on certain forms of social contact and business and venue closures. When added to large swathes of north-west England 8.9% of the population of England are now under some form of lockdown.

In Scotland, the addition of North and South Lanarkshire brings to almost 1.8 million the number of people affected by a ban from indoor private gatherings, equivalent to almost a third (32.3%) of the total population.

The 181,000 people affected by the local lockdown in place in Caerphilly since Tuesday equate to 5.7% of the Welsh population.

The 6.6 million UK figure includes 343,542 people in the Belfast city council area but not the local restrictions recently put in place in other parts of Northern Ireland – Ballymena town and the BT43, BT28 and BT29 postcodes.

The figures exclude those self-isolating, quarantining or shielding and those subject to work-specific lockdowns such as Greencore workers in and their families in Northamptonshire.



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