Consider This from NPR : NPR

Consider This from NPR : NPR


Tyler Hollon, who works for a construction company in Utah, says eliminating natural gas from apartment buildings can reduce costs. Hollon’s company now shares its designs and budgets with other builders. “The reason we’re giving it away is to clean up the air,” Hollon says. “We want everybody to do it. It’s everybody’s air that we’re all breathing. Makes my mountain bike ride that much easier.”

Kim Raff for NPR

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Kim Raff for NPR

Natural gas utilities face a bleak future in a world increasingly concerned about climate change. An NPR investigation shows how they work to block local climate action and protect their business.

More from NPR’s Jeff Brady and Dan Charles: As Cities Grapple With Climate Change, Gas Utilities Fight To Stay In Business. Additional reporting in this episode from NPR’s Nathan Rott.

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