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Capitol News Service » Blog Archive » Florida Lawmakers Look to Crack Down on Big Tech and China


January 26th, 2021 by Mike Vasilinda

Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet would all be banned from doing business with the state or local governments in Florida under legislation filed at the State Capitol.

The ban would go into effect two years from now, at the beginning of 2023, but House sponsor Rep. Randy Fine hopes the companies will change their censorship policies before the deadline begins.

“Twitter banned 70,000 accounts. Is this just going to be a cascading thing? Our goal is for these companies to realize they have made a mistake and reverse course, so we never actually have to do this. But should they continue to shut down the thoughts of half our state, then we have to stand up for those folks and say look, if you are going to boycott Florida, then we are going to boycott you,” said Fine.

“Conservative voices are being suppressed. There is no doubt about it. We have to do something to hold these companies accountable,” said Senate sponsor Joe Gruters.

A second piece of the same bill blames China for the Coronavirus economic meltdown.

It would ban state and local governments from purchasing any product made wholly in China or assembled elsewhere that contains less than 25 percent of US made parts.

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