Bride gobsmacked as wedding dress arrives and looks nothing like online order

Bride gobsmacked as wedding dress arrives and looks nothing like online order


A woman has gone viral after showing off her ‘wedding dress fail’ after ordering it online.

TikTok user Lily had picked an unusual wedding dress from an shop online for a bargain price of £36 ($50).

But when the frock arrived at her address she was gobsmacked at what she had bought as it was nothing like she thought.

Unfortunately, the old saying ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ seemed to be the case for Lily.

The original image of the dress on the website showed off an incredible black bodice detailed with stunning black flowers and a plunging neckline.

The skirt part of the dress had a split up the front, creating drama for the bride to walk down the aisle to.

But the dress Lily got didn’t look like the website dress at all.

What the dress was supposed to look like

The sleeveless dress featured a white flower-covered top, with a black bodice effect and a very sheer skirt.

Understandably she wasn’t super impressed at the package, taking to TikTok to show off dress.

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In the comments, she said the website had been deleted, so she was planning to donate the frock to charity.

Her video racked up thousands of views – as people were horrified to see what she received, compared to what she ordered.

Lily in the dress that arrived - that looked totally different from what she ordered
Lily was left open-mouthed when her dress arrived

One person asked: “But where would anyone wear this kind of dress? Even the one in the photo?”

Lily admitted: “Honestly, I was thinking about wearing it to my wedding. Yikes on me LMAO.”

Another said: “It’s so much worse than what I was expecting.”

Following some complaints about supporting the fast fashion industry, Lily clarified that she was looking for a cheaper wedding dress due to budget constraints.

One person tried to offer a silver lining, joking: “Girl you got yourself a fancy swim suit.”

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