Bengaluru reports ‘first’ case of COVID-19 reinfection

Bengaluru reports ‘first’ case of COVID-19 reinfection


A 27-year-old woman has been reported as a confirmed victim of covid reinfection in Bengaluru. The patient, who has no history of comorbidities, was tested positive in July and was discharged after testing negative.

However, in a month she developed mild symptoms and confirmed to have transmitted Covid again, Fortis hospital sources confirmed to news agency ANI.

The apex health research body, ICMR, in a presser earlier in the week also said there is “no need to be alarmed immensely” over the reinfection case of COVID-19 reported in Hong Kong, but at the same time maintained that it is not yet known how long the immunity lasts in case of coronavirus.

Bengaluru’s First

This is possibly the first reported case of COVID reinfection inBengaluru. Normally, in case of infection, the Covid Immunoglobulin G antibody is tested positive after 2-3 weeks of infection, however in this patient, the antibody has been tested negative, which means she did not develop immunity after infection, Patil said adding that another possibility is that the IgG antibodies disappeared in nearly one month leaving her susceptible for reinfection.

Mumbai Scare
Four resident doctors at hospitals in Mumbai are suspected to have contracted coronavirus for a second time, an official of the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) said on Friday. However, a senior doctor from one of the two hospitals said it was not clear whether it was “re-infection” or mere continuation of the earlier coronavirus infection.

How dangerous is reinfection

Reinfection cases mean that the antibodies may not be produced by every individual or if they do develop, they may not last long enough, and therefore, allowing the virus to enter the body and cause the disease again.

After the first COVID-19 reinfection was reported in Hong Kong on August 24, there have been reports from Belgium, the Netherlands and the U.S. Two days ago, a doctor in Mumbai also tested positive for the second time after a gap of two months.

National Tally

National covid-19 tally went past 41 lakh with a record 90,632 people being infected in a day. The total number of coronavirus cases mounted to 41,13,811, while the death toll climbed to 70,626.

India overtook Brazil on Saturday as the country with the second highest recorded cases of Covid-19 after the US. The pandemic continued its unprecedented surge in India, with fresh cases close to 90,000 on Saturday, the fourth straight day of record daily rise in infections.

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