Armani unveils new cushion foundation for glowing skin

Armani unveils new cushion foundation for glowing skin


Armani unveils new cushion foundation for glowing skin

Complexion products have been a speciality of Armani Beauty since its launch in 2000. Simple elegance and natural grace are embodied in Giorgio Armani fashion collections and its foundations such as Luminous Silk and Neo Nude, which help enhance natural beauty.

The brand’s range of cushion foundations now includes Designer Essence-in-Balm Mesh Cushion with sun protection.

Designer Essence-in-Balm Mesh Cushion and Designer Lift liquid foundation.

The fine mesh layers control the dispensing of the essence-in-balm formula containing moisturising glycerin and hyaluronic acid while the high water composition provides a fresh and cooling sensation.

The combination of electric-blue pigments and pearls counteracts dullness to promote radiant skin. Tapping, rubbing or wiping achieves a tailor-made light, medium or full coverage.

The brand’s website features a virtual try-on of the new cushion foundation, available in four shades, as well as other make-up products.

Designer Lift liquid foundation, on the other hand, features Micro-fil technology, which drapes the face with an ultrafine elastic matrix and seals in a high concentration of emollients and filters for a seemingly skin-lifting effect.

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