‘Advance in space tech can find solutions to world problems’ – News

‘Advance in space tech can find solutions to world problems’ – News


The understanding of space is a growing priority for all of us on this earth today.

Space exploration and technologies can lead to solutions for many pressing issues that today’s world faces like climate change and food security, said Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Co-operation and director-general of Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, on Monday.

“The understanding of space is a growing priority for all of us on this earth today. As we see earth’s finite resources being pushed increasingly to its limits, so it is natural that we turn – with renewed urgency – to that which is seemingly without limit,” said the minister.

“In the areas of climate change, food security, water management and much more, our understanding has the potential to be reshaped by what we learn from the skies above.”

She was delivering the keynote address at the virtual pre-Expo Space Week held to give a sneak-peak into what visitors can expect when they visit Expo 2020 next year.

The pre-expo show gave a glimpse into the Space Week next year and the space-themed show that will be displayed at Al Wasl Dome that boasts the world’s largest 360° projection screen. The show that features rockets, astronauts and spacecraft is designed to give visitors an out-of-the-world experience. Nasa’s chief scientist James Green and planetary scientist Ryan Zeigler are part of the two-day event, which includes an array of global influencers, space experts, astronauts and astronomers.

Al Hashimy said the space week will feature UAE’s incredible space journey and draws interest. “As we gather today to contemplate the incredible mystery and opportunity of space, my mind is drawn surely and proudly to the successful launch of the Emirates Mars Mission in July of this year – the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission,” she said.

“The Hope probe was named in part of the aspirations that its success would reflect and underscore the leadership in science, in technology and in exploration that has been, for centuries, the domain of the Arab world,” she said.

According to her, space exploration is done not just to satisfy the human joy of exploration but also with the “hope and expectation that this exploration will positively impact our lives on earth.”

Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology and Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency and Chief of Mars Mission, said 2021 will provide an opportunity to analyse and study another planet with instruments developed by Emirati engineers and researchers.

“During the expo, I hope we can share with you the wonderful understanding of the climate change on a planet that was one day similar to ours,” said Al Amiri while speaking about the UAE’s Hope Probe mission that will study the climatic conditions in Mars.



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