A quick guide to using household items as gym equipment

A quick guide to using household items as gym equipment


The nation-wide unprecedented lockdown has disrupted our lives making it standstill. Staying indoors as the country fights against the deadly Covid19, our lives have become sedentary. Fitness habits and routines of people have been severely impacted during this pandemic and is set to change its course. Fitness studios and gyms have been finding ways to motivate people by sharing workout routines through their Instagram handles, Facebook pages, YouTube channels and mobile applications to remain fit and fight risks of absolute inactivity in the safe environs of their homes. With nowhere to go, this is the perfect opportunity to take care of your body yet due to lack of equipment, people are facing trouble following body toning and sculpting regimes. In such scenario’s fitness enthusiasts can use household items as alternatives to gym equipment.

1. Step ups with heavy bags and chair – Take two bags filled with things like books, water filled bottles, etc, to create weight. Place left foot onto an elevated platform or a chair. Push up through your heel lifting yourself up and place the right foot on the platform. Step down with right foot flexing your hip and knee creating pressure on your left leg. Vis a vis the other side.

2. Side leg raises with weights – Lie on your right side with the support of the elbow, place a heavy bag on your left leg blow the knee, slowly raise your leg and bring back down, 10-15 reps. Follow the same on the other side.

3. Chair dips – Sit on chair with positioning palms beside your hip, and feet flat on floor hip distance apart. Move your torso forward off the chair, lower down hold and push up to your starting position.

4. Chair push ups – Stand 2-3 feet away from the chair, lean towards the chair while stretching legs straight and hands on the chair. Push your body slowly towards the chair and back, repeat.

5. Towels for deadlift – Take a thick towel & lay it on floor. Stand on it firmly in the deadlift position, strongly grab the ends of the towel and pull as hard as possible holding the position for 4 seconds, relax and repeat. Standing on towel creates resistance when pulled, creates pressure in hamstrings and arms.

6. Goblet squats with water gallons – Stand with feet set wider than shoulder width and hold the water gallon filled with water firmly with both hands in front of your chest. Sit into a squat and then drive back up and repeat.

7. Bent over row with water gallons – Keep feet apart aligned along shoulders bend keeping core tight and back straight holding the water gallon with both hands. Row the gallon up to your chest, lower and repeat.

8. Dumbbell bench press with flour sack (at least 5kgs) and tea table – Lie flat on a tea table (make sure its not made of glass) holding the flour sack over your chest with firm grip. Push up until your arms are straight, lower and repeat.

9. Single dumbbell shoulder raise with flour sack – grab the flour sack with both your hands and let it hang between your legs. Lift it directly above your head and lower it down, repeat.

Inputs by Pankaj Arora, Managing Director, GeoSpa Fitness, Technogym India.

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