7 influential people from Amsterdam’s tech scene to follow on Twitter in...

7 influential people from Amsterdam’s tech scene to follow on Twitter in 2020


Some of the most exciting work in almost every sector is being led by entrepreneurs. There are multiple renowned personalities that are doing some great work. It makes sense to follow such people on social media platforms to stay ahead of the game and keep an eye out for what’s happening in the sector you are interested in. To help you stay ahead of the curve here are some influential entrepreneurs from Amsterdam that you should definitely follow on Twitter, in 2020.

Corinne Vigreux 

Twitter handle: @CorinneVigreux

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To catch up on Europe’s position on the global tech scene, Corinne Vigreux is definitely someone you need to follow online. After cofounded TomTom in 1992 and building it into a world-leading sat nav billion dollar business, she is now trying to strengthen the Netherlands and the entire Europe tech ecosystem with Codam, a free peer-to-peer coding school. Follow her to keep in the know about TomTom, Codam and what’s happening in Europe’s tech scene. 

Image credits: Techleap.nl

Constantijn van Oranje 

Twitter handle: @constantijn14

Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau is the Special Envoy of TechLeap.nl (previously StartupDelta) and an advisor at the European Commission. Following prince Constantijn won’t mean just following royalty but also someone who is deeply passionate about innovation, art and photography. With decades of experience, prince Constantijn keeps publishing information on Europe’s startup ecosystem and overall innovation. 

Peter van Sabben 

Twitter handle: @sabben

The CEO and co-founder of GrowthTribe, Peter van Sabben has a penchant for going against the odds to prove himself. Diagnosed with dyslexia and held back a year in primary school, Peter van Sabben quickly realised how to learn by himself. He went on to become a start-up specialist and now runs Growth Tribe, which is an online learning platform wherein anyone can learn what they want, from anywhere. Follow Sabben to keep up with what’s happening in the startup scene, how to stay zen and to learn how businesses are shaping our world. 

Nick Bortot

Twitter handle: @NickBortot

Digital banking and mobile investing are the new big things to keep an eye on. These sectors are thriving, especially in the current scenario and one of the most successful mobile investing apps is BUX. Founder & CEO of the company, Nick Bortot, has years of experience in the field as before BUX, he was one of the driving forces behind the Dutch market leader in online brokerage, BinckBank. Follow Bortot to keep up with what’s happening with online brokerage platforms, how to invest better and what to know. 

Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Twitter handle: @RubensWindow

Ruben Nieuwenhuis is an expert in emerging trends and business innovation. He is currently the director of TechConnect, a program spearheaded by the Amsterdam Economic Board. Additionally, Nieuwenhuis is a board member of Codam, GrowthTribe, and Amsterdam Economic Board. Being a former director of StartupAmsterdam, he acted as a driving force in connecting leading Dutch startup initiatives into a catalyst program called StartupDelta. Follow Nieuwenhuis to know how startups are evolving, which startups to keep an eye on, and more. 

Boris Veldhuijzen

Twitter handle: @Boris

Boris Veldhuijzen is the CEO and co-founder of the well-known online portal TNW. Boris is a serial entrepreneur who also founded V3 Redirect Services, HubHop Wireless Internet Provider, and pr.co. He is also a prolific writer who publishes frequently on various topics related not only to startups but also life, solving work problems, and much more. Follow him to keep up with his insights on various aspects of work and life. 

Yoram Wijngaarde 

Twitter handle: @yoramdw

Yoram Wijngaarde is the founder & CEO of Dealroom, the popular data provider on startups, growth companies and tech ecosystems in Europe and around the globe. Yoram founded dealroom.co in 2013 but before that he worked for a decade in investment banking, advising media, telco and internet companies. Want to know which startups are going up or what the current trends are in the European tech ecosystem? Follow Yoram for great info on such topics and more. 

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