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Meet Akshat Srivastava: Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks About India’s Swift Student Challenge 2024 Winner


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Apple is hosting the Swift Students Challenge winner at the Apple Park this week.

Indian student developers have become a big part of Apple’s Swift Students Challenge over the years and Akshat is one of the many we have seen.

Apple WWDC 2024 is just around the corner and the company is using the platform to host some of its developers and techies who have been part of various awards and challenges. One of them is Akshat Srivastava, who is visiting the Apple Park in California this week, where he got a chance to interact with the other Swift Student Challenge winners and Apple CEO Tim Cook himself.

The 22-year-old Akshat comes from Varanasi and started his life as a coder in his teens. ““I met so many extraordinary developers when I visited India last year, and I saw so much excitement for the many ways that technology can enrich people’s lives. And it was equally wonderful to meet Akshat this week, and see how he’s created a whole new way to share his love of classic games with the next generation,” Tim Cook said, talking about Akshat and other developers from India where the growth in the community has been growing every year.

Akshat Srivastava – Swift Student Challenge Winner – All You Need to Know

Akshat was one of the many winners from across the globe. His claim to fame is through his submission called MindBud, which is an app that was conceived with a personal touch very close to him. Akshat used the moments he shared with his nephew and decided to build a platform for classic games and activities that were such a big part of his childhood. With MindBud, he created a platform that has four engaging mini-games designed for kids that can involve the family as well.

As a part of the swift students challenge, Akshat utilised Apple tools like SwiftUI, AVKit (audio), PencilKit, and FileManager which helps MindBud deliver a seamless and immersive experience of all the classic games in a modern avatar. But Akshat is not keen to rest on his laurels with this challenge and he plans to get his playground submission published on the App Store in the near future.


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