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Farah Khan ‘gets in bed’ with birthday boy Karan Johar; says ‘there is nowhere else I would rather be!’ – WATCH hilarious video |


Farah Khan recently posted a playful video featuring her close friend Karan Johar, who celebrated his birthday on May 25. The video gives a glimpse into their entertaining banter and camaraderie.
Watch the video here:

In the video, Farah was seen standing beside a bed, holding the duvet in her hand. She said, “It’s Karan Johar’s birthday, and I’m here, and I feel he’s in his birthday suit, and now I’m gonna check him out.”

Farah playfully revealed Karan, who was sitting in a black co-ord set, after removing the duvet.Karan jokingly remarked, “I can’t believe that I’m in bed with you on my birthday, Farah,” to which Farah cheekily responded, “I thought it’s his birthday suit, but he’s wearing a baba suit.”

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Karan continued, “But I’m in bed with you. I don’t know if that’s a problem for you or me,” prompting Farah to affectionately call him “Karuu.” Farah’s response was, “I love you; happy birthday to me!” She concluded the video by wishing, “Happy birthday, Karan.”
She captioned the video, “In bed with the birthday boy!! @karanjohar .. u know there’s nowhere else i’d rather be! I (love) you! #karah.”

As soon as the video was shared, likes and comments poured in from all sides. Actor Maniesh Paul also reacted to the video, commenting, ‘Baba suit hahahahaha.’
While one fan wrote, ‘Only you two can do this loved it’, another one added, ‘Love the banter between u two….crazyyy’. A fan also commented, ‘@farahkhankunder This reminds me of my ‘Hostel warden’ who used to come at 5 am and throw our blankets to wake up’.