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Collective Artists Network: Nikhil Kamath invests in Collective Artists


Entrepreneur Nikhil Kamath has invested in the Vijay Subramaniam-led Collective Artists Network, marking their second venture together.

The latest investment, a secondary transaction, has resulted in a staggering return, exceeding 5X, for InMobi’s Glance, which had previously invested in Collective in 2021, the company said in a media release on Wednesday.

Collective Artists Network has transformed into a versatile new media powerhouse, which was originally known for its talent management expertise.

Moreover, it also boasts initiatives like BigBang.Social, Collective Creative Labs, M19, and strategic acquisitions such as Under 25 Universe.

Earlier together, the Bengaluru-based entrepreneurs introduced the Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund (GCCF), designed to support consumer-focused enterprises and attract external investments, providing financial backing, mentorship, and operational support to foster efficient marketing and brand-building for portfolio companies.

Nikhil Kamath expressed his excitement about investing in Collective’s vision, highlighting his belief in Vijay Subramaniam’s vision for the transformation of the industry. “I’ve witnessed the company’s evolution over the last couple of years and I’ve known Vijay now closely and believe in his vision of the transformation of this space. We share a similar outlook towards the India story. I look forward to being part of this journey wherein Collective challenges the status quo and aims to redefine the media landscape and the creator ecosystem,” Kamath said. Meanwhile, Vijay Subramaniam said, “Nikhil’s investment is not merely a financial endorsement; it symbolizes the trust and synergy we’ve cultivated over the years. I have been clear since the onset that we need to institutionalise our space which has largely been unorganised. This vision will ensure we provide shareholder value and set new benchmarks in media, tech and entertainment.”