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Mumbai-Pune Expressway To Get AI-Powered Traffic Management System


Maharashtra’s First Intelligent Traffic Management System to Transform Mumbai-Pune Expressway.
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Weigh-in-motion devices for goods transporters and weather monitoring systems at 11 key points will further enhance roadway efficiency and safety.

Maharashtra’s first Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) is being installed by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

On this expressway, the daily traffic averages approximately 40,000 cars and weekend traffic is over 60,000. According to highway police officers and senior MSRDC officials, the system would be operational by the first week of June, modernising traffic control and improving road safety.

According to Times Now, to detect 17 different types of traffic offences, 218 artificial intelligence-enabled CCTV cameras have been installed on 39 gantries that have been erected throughout a 95-kilometer stretch of the expressway as part of the first phase. Furthermore, automatic number plate recognition will be installed in all of the toll booths and cameras, allowing the police to issue e-challans.

All expressway entries will be outfitted with weigh-in-motion devices for goods transporters, and weather monitoring systems will be placed at 11 places. All existing emergency vehicles, including 36 tow vans, cranes and ambulances, will be outfitted with vehicle tracking systems, while variable messaging sign boards at 23 different locations will provide motorists with important information such as real-time traffic conditions, road closures and weather.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of Highway Traffic Police (Panvel), Tanaji Chikle stated that the advanced technology will significantly improve road management and motorist safety. “At present, though speed-monitoring CCTVs are installed at select junctions and crossovers on the expressway, motorists often slow down only when they approach these cameras or spot traffic police personnel,” he said as quoted by Hindustan Times.

He went on to say that nowadays, motorists use several smartphone apps that alert them to the presence of speed cameras or even traffic police officials in advance, allowing them to easily slow down at the monitoring point.

“Under ITMS, the live feed of a vehicle that has been found speeding or violating traffic rules continuously will be sent to the toll booth ahead, and a hooter will be sounded off when the vehicle nears it. This will help in enforcing traffic rules and discipline,” Chikle added.

According to officials, e-challans will be issued through the ITMS and traffic police will not provide a ‘no dues certificate’ to vehicle owners who do not clear pending challans. Such certificates are essential for the renewal of heavy vehicle registrations.

Following the installation of the ITMS on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, work on establishing a comparable system on the Samruddhi Mahamarg will begin, making it the state’s second ITMS-equipped highway.


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