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Cave of Death in Costa Rica: Cave of Death in Costa Rica! No one returns alive. Here are all details


There is a statutory warning before you begin this journey into a cave in Costa Rica. You may never return alive after entering this cave. Yes, you read it right. This cave in Costa Rica kills anyone or anything that enters it.

Cave of Death

Located in the Alajuela Province, this cave which is six feet deep and has a ten feet long hole, is called the Cueva De La Muerte or the cave of death. The journey towards this cave has enough warnings to alert the trekkers of the potential danger that lies ahead. Warning signs of skull and crossbones greet the visitors.

What is so dangerous about this cave?

Is it venomous snakes or poisonous plants that are inside the cave? May be, it is some dangerous animal that is indigenous to the Central American nation. None of this whatsoever.

Researchers have warned about the presence of Carbon dioxide in caves across the world. It is believed that 30 kgs of this gas is being emitted every hour from this small cave.

One photographer even photographed a bird that entered the cave, immediately dropping dead due to asphyxiation.

Tourist guides approach this cave carefully and demonstrate with fire torches. It is important to know that Oxygen helps in spreading the fire whereas Carbon dioxide extinguishes it. It is the latter which is an important gas and which is present in fire extinguishers. This cave is located near the Poas Volcano and on the campus of the Recreo Verde Hotel and Spa. The lack of oxygen immediately extinguishes the fire torch. What is surprising to many is the presence of Oxygen on the top layer of the cave, but close to the cave, no creature can survive. Geographically, this unusual amount of Carbon Dioxide has been attributed to the alignment of the cave due to the San Miguel Geological Fault.


What is the reason for the deaths associated with the Tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt?
While the local legend ascribes it to be a curse that was caused by the opening of the tomb by some Europeans, recent research revealed that it is the gas being emitted from the tomb that is the reason behind the deaths. Radioactive gases such as Radon are present inside the tomb.

What is the geographical location of Costa Rica?
It is located in North/Central America. It shares its northern border with Nicaragua and its southern border with Panama.

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