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WhatsApp Users In India Getting Meta AI Chatbot To Answer Queries, Tell You A Joke: How It Works


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WhatsApp users are seeing the new Meta AI icon on Android and iOS

WhatsApp beta users are seeing the new Meta AI icon in their chat screen which lets you ask questions, create images and more.

WhatsApp has been teasing a new AI chatbot that promises to change the way people use the messaging app. And now select people in countries like India are getting a taste of what the Llama-powered AI chatbot offers to the WhatsApp users.

Multiple users have shared the update about the Meta AI chatbot appearing on their WhatsApp chat feed, right below the + icon which lets you chat with a new contact. For iPhone users, the Meta AI icon is appearing on the search bar at the top of the interface.

AI chatbots are everywhere so it is imperative that WhatsApp will also get it, courtesy its parent company Meta. You can activate the Meta AI chatbot just like how you chat with any friend or family member on WhatsApp. When you click on the AI chatbot, you will see multiple prompts that can get you started with using the chatbot. Some of these options include creating an AI-generated image, asking the AI for some general trivia, and even telling you a scary story.

Meta is clearly aware of pushing its AI tools to other products. WhatsApp is unlikely to be the only product to get these features but millions of people using the messaging app will be eager to see the AI tech make its way to their screen.

WhatsApp has been testing this AI feature for a while and it seems a broader roll out for testing suggests the public release might not be far away. We have independently checked for the AI chatbot on WhatsApp and our beta version has not received the feature yet. Recently, we also observed WhatsApp testing an AI-powered image editing tool.

WhatsApp users will see a new icon when they open an image which will be green in colour. The AI edit option will let you change the background, restyle it, or even expand. We’re not sure how these modes change the images, and which prompt will be used to activate the AI tool but it does look promising to say the least.