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DIACOLOR Acquires The Lion Emerald ‘The Inkalamu’`


DIACOLOR a high luxury jewellery brand, reputed worldwide as a design destination where choicest gems and precious metals come together to create exceptional jewellery, under the expert craftsmanship of its artisans, acquires the most expensive Zambian Emerald rough The Inkalamu (Lion) Emerald, recently at the Gemfields auction. The Zambian High Commissioner HE. Mrs. Judith K.K. Kan’gona Kapijimpanga, along with Mr. Rajkumar Tongya Founder & Chairman DIACOLOR Global, unveiled this rare gem stone. Delhi denizens also descended to get a glimpse of this rare piece of nature’s fine art. Those spotted in attendance included Designers Suneet Verma, Manav Gangwani, Leena Singh, Ambika Jain, Entrepreneur Vickram Sharma, HE High Commissioner of Mozambique to India to name a few.


L-R: Mr. Rishabh Tongya, H.E. Mrs. Judith K.K Kang’ma – Kapijimpanga High Commissioner of Zambia to India, HE. Ermindo Augusto Ferreira, High Commissioner of Mozambique to India, Mr. Rajkumar Tongya


A 5655-carat emerald, The Inkalamu boasts of remarkable clarity and has a perfectly balanced golden green hue, the true worth of which is yet to be estimated. Unearthed at the world’s largest emerald mine by Gemfields group Kagem Mine, this rarest of the rare rough has been dubbed Inkalamu or the Lion in Zambian language. Gemfields  has also contributed a percentage of sale proceeds of the auction to its conservation partners, the Zambian Carnivore Programme and the Niassa Carnivore Project.


Mr. Rishabh Tongya, Creative Director, DIACOLOR


Discovered in the eastern part of Kagem’s largest open pit mine, an area that has been particularly fertile in recent months in recovering several significant crystals, this emerald surpasses every other gem by its combined size, colour and clarity.


Auctioned in Singapore, the Inkalamu Emerald is yet another valuable addition to DIACOLOR’s rare gem collection.


The Inkalamu


Mr. Rajkumar Tongya, Founder & Chairman DIACOLOR stated, The Inkalamu emerald is truly a unique and a rare find. At DIACOLOR, we believe in standing out and bringing the finest quality to our customers. And with this precious Emerald, we take a lot of pride in continuing the brand’s legacy of collecting one a kind rare gemstone that will go down in the history.”


Speaking on the Emerald, Creative Director, Mr. Rishabh Tongya said, “We at DIACOLOR are working tirelessly to bring back focus on India’s heritage and legacy of unique and precious Gemstones. I consider these unique gemstones as nature’s artwork.  Because of the sheer size and color of the Inkalamu, it’s acquisition is a matter of immense pride and prestige for everyone.”


DIACOLOR’s oeuvre comprises of the finest Zambian emeralds in the world, breath taking Mozambican rubies and flawless diamonds, which includes some of the largest and finest stones to have been mined in history which includes the 6,100-carat Insofu emerald discovered at the Kagem mine in Lufwanyama in 2010.



Spearheaded by the father and son duo, Mr. Raj Kumar Tongya Founder DIACOLOR and Mr. Rishabh Tongya, Creative Director DIACOLOR, the brand has risen to be one of the key players in the luxury jewellery market redefining styles and trends. 


DIACOLOR represents the retail foray of a revered family of gemstone merchants, who have been in the business of gemstone trade and manufacturing for over three generations. Over the years, DIACOLOR has built a reputation for high-quality product, unparalleled craftsmanship, superlative diamonds and gemstones. Owing to the superlative quality of their product DIACOLOR has become a group with a consolidated turnover of US$ 160m in FY 2017-18.


With a vision of bringing together fabulous artistry, finest workmanship through cutting edge technology and the grandeur of the most precious gemstones on the highest pedestal of luxury, the brand vows to put India’s name on the world map of luxury jewellery retail. The DIACOLOR retail experience comes to life at our flagship retail boutique at Dlf Emporio, New Delhi and a by appointment salon in Dubai. The brand on its expansion path is soon going to start an experiential store at the City Place, Jaipur. The brand has expanded into an enterprise with a comprehensive line of businesses ranging from diamond and gemstone manufacturing, luxury retail and gemstone mining in Mozambique, Ethiopia and Columbia under the umbrella of Gemrock.