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Man steals truck carrying 10 new Corvettes, says he needed a ride home


There are several ways to get home if you don’t have a car: asking a friend or a relative to pick you up, calling a cab, or even hitchhiking. One man seemingly exhausted plans A through Y and went straight to plan Z: stealing a semi truck carrying new Chevrolet Corvettes.

Law enforcement officials in Cochise County, Arizona, say 23-year-old Isaiah Walker of Lawton, Oklahoma, stole the Volvo semi and its load of 10 new Corvette models from the Willcox Loves Truck Stop off of I-10. They say that Walker started asking the truck driver questions about the cars he was carrying to earn his trust and then threw him out of the cab as he began stepping up. He then drove off and headed north.

It didn’t take long for officers to spot a semi truck carrying 10 covered cars, but Walker reportedly didn’t stop when a member of the local sheriff’s department asked him to. He began driving “recklessly,” according to Cochise County officials, and ultimately turned onto a dirt road where he was apprehended. Once in custody, Walker explained he had no interest in the sports cars: He had just gotten out of jail and needed a way to get home. His Grand Theft Auto mission-like stunt landed him back in jail and facing several felony charges.

Police revealed that the load of Corvettes was worth about $1,250,000, according to The Drive. The truck and the Corvettes were recovered, and the publication adds that nothing was damaged during the incident. It sounds like the truck driver wasn’t seriously injured, either.