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LTIMindtree, Eurolife FFH to set up digital hub in Athens


MUMBAI: LTIMindtree has signed a MoU with insurance player Eurolife FFH, to establish a genAl and digital hub in Athens and dedicated facilities in Poland and Mumbai. The MoU was signed by LTIMindtree president Sudhir Chaturvedi and Alexandros Sarrigeorgiou, chairman & CEO, Eurolife FFH Insurance Group on Wednesday.
As a part of this association, Eurolife FFH will set up a generative Al and digital hub in Athens to develop innovative solutions for insurance businesses in Greece and LTIMindtree will provide deep domain expertise and support from its dedicated facilities in Poland and Mumbai.
Sarrigeorgiou said, “This partnership is aligned with our ambition of leveraging the power of advanced technology to deliver innovation for our customers and partners. Our goal is to innovate; specifically in the insurance space, and push boundaries to create solutions that meet evolving needs of customers across various other industries. This collaboration is a step towards a future where Gen AI and digital innovation will drive business success and enhance customers’ experience.”
Chaturvedi said, “Our collaboration with Eurolife FFH forms a crucial part of our strategic roadmap, aimed at driving transformative growth for businesses by unlocking the true potential of genAI. By merging LTIMindtree’s innovation capabilities with Eurolife FFH’s domain expertise, we are staging a platform for an accelerated adoption of new technologies to address the industry’s most pressing challenges, while establishing new benchmarks in both domestic and international markets.”