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Comet to launch limited edition, celestial sneaker design


Sneaker brand Comet will launch a limited edition restock of its ‘Jugnu’ sneaker on February 21. The label will make 500 pieces available on its direct to customer e-commerce store with the aim of engaging sneaker enthusiasts across India. 

Comet’s celestial sneaker design ‘Jugnu’ – Comet

Comet is brining ‘Jugnu’ back to its e-commerce store, the brand announced in a press release on February 20. The sneaker features subtle glowing accents which are designed to resemble a swarm of fireflies and a bold, monochrome colour palette. The shoe was conceptualised around the idea of creativity and cultural rebellion and features the brand’s signature abstract comet logo. 
“The restock of Jugnu stands as a testament to Comet’s remarkable journey and the incredible bond it shares with the community,” announced the brand in a press release. “Initially, when Jugnu was first launched, restocking seemed impossible. However, the overwhelming love and support from Comet’s community has since grown, fuelling a passionate demand for this iconic drop and making the once impossible restock a reality.”

Utkarsh Gupta and Dishant Daryani launched Comet in Bengaluru to contribute to India’s sneaker subculture with limited edition footwear releases, according to its website. The brand’s slogan is ‘Never Shy, Never Sorry’ which is designed to promote individuality and self expression. 

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